Scope of activities


Since 2000 Ultratech has been producing aviation parts and their production constitutes today 60% of company’s sale. The major proportion of aviation parts is manufactured for UTAS (the elements of landing gears), WSK „PZL-Rzeszów” (main components of turbin blades of aircraft engines), PZL Mielec (big structural elements) as well as other international aviation companies (various details of fuel, hydraulic and ice protection systems).


In 2006 Ultratech started the production of steam turbine blades. Currently, the company produces also gas turbine blades made of chromium nickel alloys and gas turbine blades and cover plates made of hard-workable high-temperature alloys. We are able to deliver blades whose surface is strengthened by the process of shot peening and we carry out polishing of all kinds of blades, as well. In addition, our company produces other elements of turbines such as injectors and labyrinth seals for gas turbines and water turbine blades. This type of production comprises 37% of Ultratech’s sale and it is delivered for domestic and international clients.


Ultratech conducts R&D in three fields of interest: 1) International research programmes. From 2006 till 2009 Ultratech was a member of a consortium responsible for the project known as MagForming realized within the framework of the EU’s 6th Framework Programme. 2) Domestic research programmes. Ultratech is a participant of two research projects included in the INNOLOT programme funded by the National Centre for Research and Development. The company is also an industrial partner of the programme issued by Wroclaw University of Technology. Furthermore, it cooperates with other Polish technological universities and manufactures for them different parts and units needed for their research. Ultratech actively takes part in the activities of the Centre of Advanced Technology “AERONET – Aviation Valley” and it cooperates in the realization of an important project: “Modern technologies for material research for aircraft industry.” 3) Special installations for own purposes.


Ultratech constructs its own devices indispensable to manufacturing components ordered by our clients. Our constructors also design complex instruments for other companies e.g. hydraulic and pneumatic fixing devices and control devices.


Ultratech produces also: 1) a wide range of bodies for special tools requiring processing by 5 axis milling machines (about 200 different designs). 2) large-scale templates and forms for domestic forges and foundries.