Quality System – Ultratech
The implementation of the Quality Policy is carried out through:
  • • Engagement of Top Management in creation and introduction of the Quality Management System and continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
  • • Cooperation with customers in order to recognize their needs and expectations.
  • • Creation of atmosphere of mutual trust and respect among our business partners by appropriate attitude and activity.
  • • Undertaking immediate corrective action in the case when determined process parameters reach the limit values or in the case when non-conformance occurs.
  • • Consistent monitoring and improvement of the Quality Management System.
  • • Control of process flow and assessment of its effectiveness.
  • • Adequate process management in order to obtain parameter repeatability and improvement of efficiency of main processes results.
  • • Observance of requirements of production and trade in military products
  • • Improvement of productivity during realization of products and service provision.
  • • Reduction of production costs.
  • • Being competitive by using Quality and On-Time Delivery first of all, not only the price.
  • • Trainings which raise professional qualifications and personnel awareness.
  • Quality Policy
  • Conditions for external suppliers